Calling all Junior Rangers!

Junior Ranger

Visit almost any state park and pick up a copy of our new Junior Ranger Activity Journal for your child. The journal will help her explore, observe and learn about nature. Once your child completes a certain number of activities, he can take home a Junior Ranger badge.

Teachers, you can use the journals on field trips with fourth or fifth graders. Call a state park near you to arrange a field trip for your class, and ask for a copy of the journal's TEKS alignment.

Remember, kids under 12 play free at Texas State Parks!

Park Pick: South Llano River State Park

Where West Texas meets Hill Country

South Llano River State Park

The South Llano River is spring-fed, so it's a fun year-round destination. Beat the summer heat by renting one of the park's inner tubes or bring your kayak or canoe. Six miles of river runs through South Llano River State Park.

The river attracts abundant wildlife, so you don't have to look far to catch a glimpse of a critter. You can also fish for sunfish, catfish and bass, including the official state fish of Texas, Guadalupe bass.

Some of the main features of the park, however, are for the birds.

"We have four bird-viewing blinds that are great places to see the diverse number of birds found in the park, especially during migration", says park ranger Bertha Schmalfeldt. "The blinds are easy to reach. We have bird books and binoculars in each one, so they're fun for all ages." Read more in TPW magazine.

Outdoor Activity of the Month

Geocaching in Texas State Parks

Geocaching in Texas State Park

Discover the fun and mystery of Geocaching in a Texas State Park. It's a wildly popular activity that combines digital gadgets (like your smartphone) and the outdoors - and it's fun for all ages.

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