Stay safe in the water!

Boating Safety

Summer is the time to enjoy water fun. But it's only fun if everyone comes home safely.

Whether swimming or boating, always:

  • Wear a life jacket.
  • Watch children closely.
  • Know how to swim.
  • Avoid alcohol.

Read through our swimming safety tips before you jump in the lake, pool or Gulf.

If you will be on a boat or jet-ski, read our boating safety tips.

Park Pick: Sea Rim State Park

Sea Rim Rebirth

Sea Rim State Park

First Hurricane Rita stopped by in 2005. Then Hurricane Ike blew through in 2008. These two unwelcome guests destroyed Sea Rim State Park. The Southeast Texas park reopened in 2010, but with very few amenities.

In June, the park was born again. New facilities were unveiled at its grand reopening: a dune boardwalk with rinse showers, a six-person cabin, a walk-in picnic area with tables and grills, and a campground by the Gulf. The park features 5.2 miles of beach, marked paddling trails and wildlife galore. Read more in TPW magazine.

Outdoor Activity of the Month

Swimming in Texas State Parks

Swimming in Texas State Park

How can you escape the dog days of summer? Join thousands of Texans who take their families swimming (in lakes, rivers, oceans and pools) in a Texas State Park.

Water Safety - No one is unsinkable, so before swimming in a Texas State Park, please visit our water safety page.

Fun Ways to Cool off this Summer

Spotlight on Texas Parks & Wildlife

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